Google Maps SEO By optimizing your Google My Business

Google Maps SEO By optimizing your Google My Business

Want to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

By optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) account for SEO, I can help you rank among the top three spots on Google Maps for specific keywords. This will drive more customers to your business and enhance your visibility on the first page of a Google search.

The one-time fee for this service is $1,000. To optimize your GMB listing, I will need temporary Manager access to your account and a list of three keywords you would like to rank for in the maps.

Google My Business Optimization Service

Ways We Optimize Google My Business (GMB)

For the $1,000, here’s how I will optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing to rank in the top three (Map Pack Three) search results in the maps:


Complete and optimize your Info menu using your three keywords (if it is not already complete), add your short name for review links, incorporate keywords into your business description, specify your service areas, and optimize the Services menu by including relevant keywords.


Post and optimize ten new royalty-free, geotagged photos based on your service area. Geotagging these photos will associate them with the geographical location or service area of your business, which benefits SEO.


Assign keyword-based names to the geotagged photos.


Upload the photos to the Photos menu (please note that the order of the photos is automatically determined by Google, and I have no control over it).


Draft a sample response to your existing reviews.


Create and optimize a GMB Post in your Posts menu, including the keywords. This post will be live for seven days and will remain visible on your GMB even after, though you may choose to upload a new live post.


Develop and optimize a Google business site by incorporating relevant keywords with links to your official website, social media, and the Google listing.

This business site is accessible via your Website menu. It functions like a website but does not interfere with your official site. If you already have an official website, the business site will not appear in your GMB’s Info menu. This site is provided by Google to give search engines an opportunity to read your information, keywords, and SEO links. You do not need to advertise or manage it in any way. Only Google reads it, and it serves as an excellent way to include keyword-based content.