Live chat is undeniably becoming an increasingly popular communication channel

Live chat is undeniably becoming an increasingly popular communication channel

Live Chat software and services.

Missouri Online Marketing Company offers Live Chat software and services that help transform valuable advertising clicks into customers. Live chat is undeniably becoming an increasingly popular communication channel.

Adding Live Chat to your website can foster long-term relationships by demonstrating that your company genuinely cares about your customers’ input and satisfaction. If your business doesn’t prioritize the customer, success in the future may be difficult to attain. The digital landscape today allows customers to be more influential than ever, which is why it’s essential to involve them in the process with tools like live chat to hear their real-time input and cater to their needs.

When customers feel their voice is heard and they chat with a person behind the company, they’re more likely to establish a stronger connection to your business.

Integrating Live Chat Service On Website

Here are a few reasons to hire us for your live chat services

Pay for Performance Pricing

Our product/service is easy to evaluate since we only charge for each sales lead we send to you. There is no minimum recurring charge and no long-term contract. You can try the product, and if you don’t see improved conversion, you can stop using it without any penalty.

Call Connect

After engaging and enabling initial contact through chat, the Agent Connect feature allows our agents to seamlessly connect the visitor to your business by phone. This results in improved conversion and user experience, especially for businesses that rely on quick phone connects to close business, such as plumbers servicing emergency situations or personal injury attorneys servicing accident victims.

Industry Expertise

We have conducted hundreds of thousands of chats for businesses in different business verticals, including the legal services vertical. We have significant insight into what works and what doesn’t for each vertical. We have developed script templates for each vertical that allow us to reuse this intelligence for new customers. Additionally, we continuously analyze thousands of transcripts to add more intelligence to our system.

HIPAA Compliant

Our platform has added security and lead delivery functionality to ensure the protection of data covered by HIPAA. This is relevant for our medical customers, such as Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, and Doctors.