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Social Media advertising is a powerful tool

Help your business connect with new customers and maintain relationships. While traditional advertising methods only reach an average of 38% of their intended audience, social media platforms boast an impressive 89% reach. Let us create tailored ads to effectively engage with your target demographic.

One distinctive feature of Social Media Advertising is the highly specific audience targeting. Ads are displayed to highly engaged users on both desktop and mobile devices within your chosen geographical area. When ads have compelling content and are well-targeted, they receive more likes, comments, shares, and saves. This increased engagement can amplify your ad’s reach, as friends of the users who interact with your ad may also see it. Additionally, boosting your Page posts or expanding your ad’s audience ensures that your content is more visible when users visit their Social Media page.

We can help you create ads that deliver tangible results, whether that means expanding your page’s reach, finding the right customers for your app, or driving sales through your website or brick-and-mortar store.

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Social Media Ads are tailored according to a user’s Social Media profile information, such as age, location, education, relationship status, and interests like favorite movies, music, and more. This level of customization allows you to focus on the audience most likely to be interested in your product or service. With 3 billion worldwide Social Media users and 247 million in the United States alone, the potential reach is vast.
To better understand how Social Media Targeting works, let’s consider Facebook Advertising as an example. Suppose we want to promote a tractor sale at a Jefferson City, Missouri tractor store. We aim to show our ad to people living in the area who are interested in a new or used tractor, assuming they own acreage. We would target homeownership, larger properties, etc. Facebook’s targeting filters would provide all the necessary options and estimate the number of people our ad could reach based on our chosen filters.

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Advanced targeting options can further refine the audience. For instance, we could target only users who have set ‘single’ in their relationship status, as the books we are selling are tailored to singles.

By understanding how advertisers target you on Social Media and display ads they believe you’ll be interested in, you also realize that every time you Like something on Facebook, you’re providing personal data that helps advertisers deliver more targeted ads to your feed.

Is this targeting system different from those used on other websites? While Google search results display sponsored ads based on the keywords you enter, Facebook ads are triggered by your personal data and interests, making them more personalized and potentially more relevant to your needs.