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Website Re-targeting

Website retargeting identifies consumers who have recently visited your website and demonstrated a high interest in purchasing your products and/or services. By tracking their IP address across any internet-connected device, it then continues to retarget them with your banner display ads as they browse other websites throughout the internet. By repeatedly showing your ad over time, website retargeting reinforces your brand and encourages your prospects to return to your website while they are still in the buying cycle

Search Re-targeting

Search retargeting pinpoints individuals in Missouri or any geographical area who have recently shown intent to purchase products or services by searching for keywords related to your business, competitors, products, or services. It displays your display banner ad to consumers based on their search terms, from broad keywords related to your offerings to specific trademarked terms that indicate a desire to purchase. This ensures your brand remains at the forefront of their minds when they are still in the buying cycle and on the verge of purchasing your products or services.

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Why Should You Use Me?


Regarding my Website and Search Retargeting product, compared to other companies like AdRoll, my offering boasts more SSPs (supply-side partners), more PMP deals (private marketplace deals), more DMPs (data management platforms), and greater scale to deliver superior results.


With over 2,000 PMP deals, 100+ SSPs, and 15+ DMPs integrated, my system is a fully managed service that consistently outperforms self-serve platforms like AdRoll. You can expect to see significant improvements in performance, as I have access to a wider range of resources and capabilities.